Heaven is a Town much like Shagaluf. 2016 - 2018

Giant narrative drawing about the tourism industry in my homeland, Mallorca. Done between Palma and London, it establishes a dialogue between workers and consumers, locals and visitors, colonizers and natives in an excessive, delirious and humorous graphic extravaganza.


Magalluf -aka Shagaluf- is the most (in)famous neighborhood in the island of Mallorca. It is known worlwide for it’s excess, scandals and young drunk brits looking for cheap holidays in the sun.

Tourism has become a global industry relatively affordable through cheap flights and holiday packages, so working class folks from developed countries can escape their routine and have fun. In the long run, it’s establishing itself as a contemporary form of colonialism; and places like Magaluf can be found everywhere around the globe.

This drawing reflects on the reality such economical models shape, using cartoon imagery from my own fictional cosmogony: The Rise and Fall of Eden.

“Closer to Heaven” Documentary about the creative process. Directed by Mercedes Mangrané.