Projecte Úter. 2014-2015

Giant narrative poster about reproductive rights done together with artist Tonina Matamalas and distributed collaboratively.

An intricate image that maps out the forces that operate when it comes to deciding over our bodies. Designed to trigger conversation and debate about pregnancy interruption through visual metaphors and on-site oral storytelling.

Presented in more than 15 countries in museums, libraries, community centers and art festivals.

Full Poster.jpg

The Process

Inspired by our “Big Sister”, the Beehive Design Collective, we used their method to craft our poster.

It ended up taking 15 months of intense work to complete.

  1. Research

    For 6 months, we gathered stories, made mind maps and crafted metaphors at the same time as we drew. This enabled an organic process in which we could show folks how their stories were represented, and make changes where necessary to get it all right.

2. Inking

After knowing exactly how we wanted everything to be represented, the inking process started. Due the sheer amount of detail, the whole first draft had to be blown up and printed on good paper to achieve the level of detail we were aiming for. It took 9 months of lines and dots to finish this part of the process.

3. Dissemination

Once the drawing got done, we printed giant banners to do oral storytelling, paper offset versions for people to have on their walls and a zine with all the written story. Since 2015 we have been touring giving oral presentations in all kinds of venues and events, and teaming up with volunteers to make the poster useful as an educational, networking and organizing tool. The zine has been translated into six languages already and we have given presentations in more than 15 countries.